The Best Eucalyptus Spray For Your Shower or Steam Room

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One of the things I love the most about the luxurious day spa I frequent is the eucalyptus steam room.  There is nothing better than taking a nice exfoliating shower, then heading over to the steam room area.  I love opening the enormous tempered glass steam room door to be greeted with warm luxurious billows of eucalyptus-scented steam.  I lie down on a long fluffy white towel, ready for the veils of mist and heat with a lavender essential oil-infused iced hand towel by my side, as well as my favorite Hydroflask insulated water bottle filled with purified ice water (if I have decent foresight before heading to the spa, I will add a nice splash of my favorite orange blossom water from my "Best Orange Blossom Luxury Products" post).  

The steam starts working its magic, improving skin health by increasing circulation and purifying the pores. The eucalyptus scent floats on every steam particle, helping to ease breathing, relieve any congestion, and clear the mind. I close my eyes, and for the next 20-minutes or so, I drift deeper and deeper down into a luxurious spa steam bliss. 

While the steam room at the spa has eucalyptus oil directly infused into the steam system, you need not make a special trip to the spa to enjoy the luxurious benefits of this luxurious spa ritual.  

You can create the same luxury spa steam room experience with the ShowerSpa Mist™ Eucalyptus Spray by European Spa Source (which you can get at a fraction of the price compared to a spa day pass or spa treatment!) 

This mist is the absolute best eucalyptus spray for the shower! (I have not been paid by this company, by the way--I just love it that much!) I have the larger 8 oz. bottle of the Classic Eucalyptus spray in every shower in my house, as well as the 4 oz. travel size for my trips (it is the perfect eucalyptus spray for the steam room when I am visiting spas that might not have the eucalyptus directly infused into the system). I even spritz this around my office occasionally when I need a little aromatherapy pick-me-up!

The ShowerSpa Mist™comes is a variety of other scents as well;

I have tried the Calming Lavender and Eucalyptus one which is lovely as well, providing an additional relaxing element to your at-home steam shower ritual, or spa steam room experience.  I cannot wait to try the other scents, especially the Eucalyptus Jasmine version since I am a jasmine connoisseur (that is to say that I am a jasmine FREAK), and the lemongrass version sounds like an exciting option for a morning steam bath, or for when I need an extra boost of energy.  

With just a few sprays of this on the tiles of your shower, you are ready to relax into your own daily spa experience at home! You can take it a step further and create your own steam-shower ritual. Here's how!

Creating a Luxury Eucalyptus Steam-Shower Ritual at Home 

Step 1. Close the bathroom door, and any windows, and turn off the exhaust fan. We are about to create a luxury mini-steam room!  

Step 2. I personally like to get the water super hot initially to create a ton of steam (of course, be mindful so you don't hurt yourself with really hot water).

Step 3. Mist several sprays of the Eucalyptus ShowerSpa Mist™ into the clouds of steam, and a few more spritzes on the shower tiles. 

Step 4. Take luxurious deep breaths of the warm steam infused with uplifting and clearing eucalyptus. 

Step 5. Adjust the water temperature down to a degree that works best for you, and if you have a shower head that has a massager setting (this is a top-rated one that is well-priced), set it to "massage" before you step into the eucalyptus-scented shower.  Use the massage setting to give any sore muscles a luxurious hydro-massage.

Step 6. I might even add a few more spritzes of the ShowerSpa Mist™ (you can do your own level of scent; I like it pretty strong!)  

Step 7. Go about your luxurious shower routine, enjoying the gorgeous eucalyptus scent with relaxing, slow, and deep breaths.  

Step 8.  When you get out of the steam shower, since your pores are open and more clear at this stage, you may want to take the opportunity to put on a face mask so the ingredients can penetrate the skin more easily and increase their benefits.  

Step 9. When your steam shower ritual is complete, open the door, turn the exhaust fan on, or open the window so that the moisture does not start dripping down the walls or getting everything too wet! The lovely scent of eucalyptus will subtly linger on, making your room smell like a luxury spa, even after your steam-shower ritual is complete. 

Step 10. Go forth completely refreshed and relaxed into your fabulous and luxurious life!

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