It is my belief that many who visit a spa on a regular basis have access to steam rooms, saunas, and a number of very special and unique treatments. These are all designed to help us relax, and enjoy an enhanced sense of wellness. Unfortunately, most people can't go to a spa on a weekly basis either because of cost, or schedule restrictions. Let's face it... we're all busy these days!

Eucalyptus ShowerSpa Mist™ was invented to help "Make Every Shower a Spa Experience." By adding a few sprays during to your daily shower, you can experience the calming effects of our spa quality aromatherapy.

It is really that simple. An affordable product, that makes your shower just a little bit more enjoyable. I hope you love our product as much as I do, and enjoy it for many years to come. 

"Every day, I wake up and go to work doing something I truly enjoy. Our products are only sold in the best spa retail boutiques, so I am engaged everyday with bright, positive, energetic people who represent the best hospitality and spa brands in the world." - Randy Carr

Make every day a spa day.

In January 2013, we launched our first product, Eucalyptus ShowerSpa Mist. Within just a few months, thousands of spa guests purchased our product and learned first hand how Eucalyptus ShowerSpa Mist is a wonderful addition to their daily shower ritual at home. After many customer requests, we now offer a total of six different blends, all carefully formulated to deliver a spa quality aromatherapy experience every time you shower at home.

The way that I see it, after being around for 50+ years or so, I have decided that it's really all about just a few things: Making the lives of others better, making a positive and creative contribution regardless of the task at hand, and looking for the good in each of us. "Every day, every minute, every person and every interaction matters"


My approach to business is very personal in nature. That being said, I thought it might be good to share a few things that matter to me:

  • Making a positive difference in the lives of people around me
  • Getting to the point
  • Finding a better way
  • Inventing things that are cool and that work
  • Fly fishing (don't worry, I let them go)
  • Surfing
  • Mountain biking
  • Painting
  • Being the best dad and husband I can be
  • Favorite Book: The Giving Tree
  • Favorite Movie: The Graduate
  • Favorite Color: Midnight Blue
  • Favorite Saying: "You guys should have been here yesterday, the surf was awesome"
  • Favorite People: Wendy, Clay & Caroline