Bring The Spa Home

Inspired by luxury spas around the world, our aromatherapy products were designed for you to enjoy a spa experience at home.

Introducing Our Newest Collection

Our latest addition to the European Spa Source line is a specially formulated Luxury Spa Room Mist. These room mists are inspired by our signature ShowerSpa Mist™ line, and follow the same aroma profiles that have proven to be customer favorites. These are not designed for the shower, but rather they are intended to extend the spa experience throughout your home or office.

  • "Can’t get enough of these scents! Smells just like a spa."

    - Denise J.

  • "I love the Eucalyptus shower mist. It makes every day feel like a spa day. I use it almost every time I shower. It can be both relaxing and energizing."

    - Michelle P.

  • "The shower mist makes every shower smell like a high end spa. Truly a game changer for the shower."

    - Jessica R.