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Absolutely love this set!

I am obsessed with these scents!! My first time trying these was at a spa and it was love at first waft. So calming and relaxing and I'm not sure how I even lived before them. My only wish was that this spa bundle came packaged in a gift box for gift giving.

Our Home is Now a Spa!

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It has elevated my shower experience to an entire new level. I use it every time I shower, enjoying the clean and invigorating scent. For my son, who also uses the product, it's turned his daily shower into a full blown event that includes spa curated music on his iHome speaker and mood lighting. I think we all feel a little better when we treat ourselves kindly and ShowerSpa Mist is great way to indulge in self care.

Feel like you're in a luxury spa

Loved this mist after using it in the Four Seasons Palm Beach spa. The scent is incredible and not too heavy. The spa was out of the product for purchase but gave us a sample size to try. Immediately called and ordered! This is fantastic and transports you to feel like you are in a luxury steam shower!

Cannot live without!

I was introduced to this product line while staying at the Nemacolin Resort. I purchased before returning home. My entire family uses the shower spray and we also have the travel sizes. The lavender pillow spray is perfect for travel or home.

Heavenly Shower

I cannot take a shower without the spray. It’makes my day. I keep a bottle in my travel bag at all times. It turns an ordinary shower into a spa experience.
The scent lingers long after the shower. And I have had
guests comment about the scent and how wonderful it is.
It is truly a must have in my life.

Your spa at home

This is such a wonderful shower spray. I was using and now my husband cannot take a shower without using it. It is so refreshing no matter what time of the day you take a shower. Feels like a spa with out the price

Blissful Slumber

I was given a small sample of this pillow mist at a hotel. I was immediately captured by the lavender and eucalyptus scent that created a calm and relaxed setting to fall into a blissful sleep. I spilled the remainder of the sample by accident and was sent into a panic because the product was always sold out. I experimented with other pillow sprays and not was a hood replacement. The empty sample bottle that I was saving so I can order fell out of my toiletry bag. I took a shot and it was available. I was excited to receive my package and have been floating ever since. Thank you for this great product.

Love the relaxing feeling that

Love the relaxing feeling that comes with spraying ShowerSpa Mist. First started using it 5 years ago.

smells amazing

It smells amazing but my shower is in a larger space so the steam doesn’t hold as well. So it doesn’t stick around for as long as I’d like.

Luxury Travel Set
Ivorique T.
Travel luxury in a box!

I was so excited to see my favorite spa mist come in a box of assorted miniature sized sprays! I also purchased a couple of extra sets and included them in the Halloween care packages that I sent to my adult children. Needless to say, everyone loves the scents and the convenience of the travel size sprays. You now have a few more lifelong fans! :hugging:

Love it!

I absolutely love this product! Nice and strong, my showers have never been better, especially after a long day at work!

lavendar eucalyptus shower spray

Love the shower spray. I use it each time I shower and never tire of it. I am so glad to have found it I have been giving some as gifts

I love mine. :heart:️

I love mine. :heart:️

The right way to start your morning.

I first tried the Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Shower Mist in the spa at Cable Mountain Lodge in Zion last year.
I purchased a small bottle to take back home.
I just recently ran out of the mist (a 4oz bottle lasted just about a year) and the shower is just not the same.
A couple of sprays in the shower, starts the day the right way !! (especially on a cloudy morning) It's energizing, wakes you up and smells great. I missed the shower experience so much that I had to reorder and bought several more to give as gifts. Everyone should spoil themselves with this shower mist!

Love this product

Love this product

Smells terrific! Only one pump

Smells terrific! Only one pump is needed and you’re on your way to bliss!

Great product. Spray in shower

Great product. Spray in shower and sauna.

Luxury Travel Set (2)
Lynn P.
I love all the products

I love all the products especially pillow spray

Smells great

Smells great

Smells amazing and perfect for

Smells amazing and perfect for the fall!

A Spa In My Home

Enjoyed the sprays at a spa recently and needed to make my home shower/bath experience at least smell like the spa we loved! Even bought one for a gift

The best eucalyptus shower spray

Discovered this during a hotel stay at Red Rock Casino. Been obsessed with it ever since! Spa quality… Nothing else compares.
This is the real stuff!

Fresh scent and very calming!

Fresh scent and very calming!

Love new fragrance

Love new fragrance