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This product is so calming & relaxing .

Use it every day

I love the shower spray and use it daily. I ordered a dozen to give for Christmas gifts. Everyone loved receiving such a thoughtful and most useful gift.


My thanksgiving guests and I loved our mists!

Must have

I love this spray. Very strong and so far the best eucalyptus smell I've come across. I use daily in my massage practice. Highly recommend it.

Spa Experience!

Purchased both the Jasmine and Wood and Leather scents after a Spa visit in Banff, Canada! Ordered online since we traveled with carry on. Great price! Wonderful scents! Will definitely purchase them again!

Excellent product

I had the opportunity to be introduced to your product , received it as a gift. I since became a regular customer of some amazing product, that you produce . I now gift it to my family & friends!

Spritzing at work

So I fell in love with the lavender + eucalyptus ShowerSpa Mist pre-pandemic and decided that my work environment needed a little calming agent. Well, everyone that passes by my area loves the smell, and it makes their day.


We all enjoy this spray in my family and I love giving it as gifts to them

My preferred choice compared to
The lavender combo. I’d like if you guys offered the Jasmine & Eucalyptus room spray. I’d buy it!

My absolute FAVORITE shower spray, I am in love with this floral scent. The jasmine compliment’s the eucalyptus so beautifully. I’d love this combo as a room spray scent. It’s Heavenly! Way more gentle
And feminine compared to the lavender combo. Five Stars!!!!


I never shower without this! I have a steam shower, and when the warm steam air comes in, I sprayed two spritz of the lemongrass eucalyptus spray and I am in heaven. I have my daughter-in-law hooked on it also. I tell her I’ll supply it every year for her if she will have Thanksgiving dinner at her place

Same product?

I purchased the ShowerSpa mist to replace a smaller bottle that was nearly depleted. For whatever reason, the fragrance is not nearly as strong as the original smaller bottle. Disappointing, particularly given the price.

My whole family appreciates the energizing lemongrass scent.

Wonderful eucalyptus spray

Smells like an upscale spa.


I love the shower spa spray- Makes every day showers feel like I'm at a spa! Also, my favorite gift to include in my custom basket gifts!

LOVE!!!! This makes awesome Xmas gift too! Everyone I’ve given it to Loves it!!!

Lacking a Punch

We really enjoy the lemongrass scent. The room spray is lacking some longevity. We were expecting more immersive effects, but the spray came up short.

Absolutely Fabulous!

Absolutely Fabulous! I’m hooked on these sprays and I use them twice a day

Absolutely Fabulous! 😊❤️

Absolutely Fabulous! I use it every single day 😊

At home spa experience

My daughters, husband and I all love this spray. It has such a wonderful spa like scent . We spray a little squirt on the tile of the shower and it just adds a little something to the shower to make it more relaxing and as someone else described - elevates it. I also now have one in our guest shower. And although it isn't cheap it does last a long time, because you only need a little squirt

Absolutely wonderful!

I absolutely love this spray! I wish it was sold in larger quantities. I spray it not just in the shower and bathroom but in my room and linens and it just permeates all through the apartment. Please consider selling this spray in a larger ounce bottle.

Love this fragrance! Oh what I would give for a candle in this scent!!

Not a great product. Horrible customer service

It did not smell the same as previous orders. I was quite disappointed.

Like all the products

This product is my favorite of all of them and wish they would make a bigger sized bottle. Love the Woodsmoke Scent.