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Worth the splurge

The premium spa bundle provides the perfect spa experience with silky soaps and salts. My skin feels soft and the salts so relaxing. The room fresheners are light and make any room smell fresh. I’m going to use a few for holiday gifts. So happy with my purchase.


I also use this delicious spray on our sheets before we go to bed. It is just delightful to have such a clean may be too strong for some, but this is a nightly ritual. It also helps to clear the sinuses.

Love it!

I love the lavender sleepy spray! I and my daughter live it and use it every night!


I been using this since last year! I love this so much I bought about 10 bottles already. I have my Airb&b and using this spray as well. And all my guests love it.

nice for travel and a suggestion

great way to try the scents. all products would be better in glass bottles.

Best sleep partner

I’ve gotten my sisters into this obsession! I even used it at hospital when giving birth. So relaxing. I love so much, so so much.

Please Make This Apart of Your Classic Collection

This is my FAV scent. The WOOD SMOKE & LEATHER is my personal signature home scent. I love it in the shower...I love it as a quick two Spray room spray throughout the house before guest arrive (2 sprays will do'ya for a large room - it literally fills the room for hours - better than any candle). I am placing a huge replenishing order tonight...please don't ever stop making this...some of us will be ALL OUT OF SORTS.

Luxury Travel Set
Amazing, relaxing, just love these products.

The Travel set is a great way to experience all the scents and convenient to refill and enjoy while traveling.

Love the product. - Leaves a fresh smell in your ski

Love this aroma

One of our favorites. Makes the whole bathroom smell like a spa sauna. Would love to get this in the larger size bottles.

Fantastic aroma!

Makes every shower feel like a luxury spa experience. Makes great gifts too!

Love this

I have used these products for years now. The new wood scent is just the best. I use it in my shower, steam room and now my defusior. I hope they keep this scent even those I use all the others also this is my favorite.

Shower Spray

My all time favorite!

Luxury Travel Set
Michelle Barnett

I’m obsessed with each of the calming scents in this sample pack! Perfect travel sizes. The pillow mist is a must too.

This is my Fav !

My showers are a time for ME. I love to feel like I'm at the spa and this spray does it for me !

Spa at Home

Love these bath bars, the scent of eucalyptus, and especially the light exfoliation. Leaves my skin feeling soft. Can't wait to try the other two scents. Will definitely re-order.


Love the product! Smells wonderful, just like being at the spa!

The mini trial size spray bottles don’t last so I order the larger bottles!

Nothing Compares

I first purchased a bottle of this in a spa while on vacation. It was hands down the best room spray I have EVER used. I was getting low so I had to buy it again. It is definitely a splurge but a nice treat and even the hubby likes it!

Energize Your Day

AMAZING Shower Mist! I use it every Saturday morning after run club. Wonderful scent and enhanced shower experience. Must buy!

Pure Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Shower/Spa mist

I have been a huge fan of this product for many years, after being gifted with it on several occasions. I was disappointed when, after going to two of my favorite spas, that it was no longer available for purchase at either one of them. So glad that I am still able to buy it directly from European Spa Source.

Luxury Travel Set
Seronica Deal
This is Great!!

I am in love with all the scents!! The scent lingers throughout the. House! Love. IT!!

Best Night Time Ritual

I spray pillow mist every night when I'm ready to sleep. My brain gets the signal it's time for sleep. 💤 It calms and relax me. 😌 Highly recommend!

Beautiful aroma in the shower

We’ve used this shower spray for several years. Its delicate scent in the shower disseminates out into the bedroom and leaves a calming aura. We love it and will purchase it again and again.

Amazing product

I really recommend this product, super good quality, the lemon grass eucalyptus, and eucalyptus is my favor!!!!!!! Super strong fragrance

shower mist

I enjoy it every shower I take. It refreshes me.