What Is French Milled Soap?

What Is French Milled Soap, Exactly?

French-milled soap (or triple-milled soap) is as authentic as it is luxurious. In the 1700s, French soap makers perfected the art of repeatedly milling soap to achieve the ideal density and texture of a bar of soap. When made in the traditional French way, each bar of soap is harder, denser, and purer than other soaps. The result is a better bar of soap that will not only provide a richer, creamier lather than other soaps, it will also last much longer. 

French milled soap starts in the same way as most other soaps. The manufacturing process begins with mixing together fatty acid and lye, which transform into soap crystals. This process is known as saponification, which literally means becoming soap. 

However, French Milled Soap is immediately elevated above other soaps. After the initial creation of the soap crystals and before the first milling, natural colors and ingredients like shea butter and essential oils are added directly to the soap crystals. The essential oils are therefore spread equally throughout the bar of soap. This means that the natural fragrance and benefits from the added ingredients last longer, and do not fade with use. Once the saponified crystals have been thoroughly combined with the natural ingredients, the milling process can begin. 

Triple Milled soap is milled, as the name indicates, three separate times. Large stainless-steel rollers press the soap mixture with significant force. The first time that soap is milled, the soap crystals and natural ingredients are transformed into a fragrant soap paste. That soap paste undergoes the same pressing between the stainless-steel rollers two more times. 

Each time the soap is milled, water and air, and are pressed out. By the time the third milling process is complete, as much water and air that can be removed have been removed. More than three milling processes result in the soap becoming too dry, and it would not be able to maintain the desired hard soap texture when pressed into bars. Additionally, the lye and any impurities are also pressed out of the bar with each milling. After three times through the milling process, the soap is at the maximum density with the ideal ratio of soap to water and a finer, pure soap remains.  

It is the combination of the quality of the ingredients and the intense manufacturing process that sets it apart. What remains at the end of this process is a long-lasting, luxury bar of soap that is free from impurities and gentle on skin.

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Benefits of French Milled Soap

Using French milled soap can elevate your shower to a spa-like experience. Since the natural ingredients including essential oils are evenly spread throughout the bar of soap, every time you use it, you are able to breathe in the fragrance and feel the difference between the soap made in the traditional way. French milled soap is ground to an ultra-fine texture during its production, which produces a bar of soap that has a final satiny texture. The result is a richer, creamier lather that feels smoother and more luxurious. The smell, the feel, and the results of triple-milled soap are elevated.

French triple-milled soaps are much denser and harder than traditional soap bars meaning that they will not dissolve away like a traditional bar of soap. Even though French milled soap is made exclusively with natural ingredients and essential oils, the way that it is created makes it last. As a hard soap with the ideal soap-to-water ratio, triple-milled soap will not melt away in your shower or soap dish before you are able to enjoy it. Each triple-milled bar of soap holds its shape, holds its texture and holds its fragrance, shower after shower after shower. This also means that a triple-milled bar will last much longer, making it a more sustainable soap option.

One of the best benefits of French milled soap is that the manufacturing process removes impurities and lye with every milling. This prevents build-up on skin and potential irritations. Even people with highly sensitive, oily, dry, and/or allergy-prone skin are able to enjoy using French Milled Soap. Even if you have hard water, the gentle lather of French Milled Soap, the benefits of the natural ingredients, and the moisturizing properties of shea butter will provide the same benefits.

In short, each French milled soap bar lasts longer and provides a clean that is both deep and gentle. 

Is French Milled Soap Good For Your Skin?

French Milled Soap is the secret to healthy and nourished skin.

When it comes to skincare, finding the right products can make all the difference. One often-overlooked item that can have a big impact on the health and appearance of your skin is French milled soap.

Th benefits of French milled soap for your skin are clear…

French Milled Soap is Gentle on Skin

The triple milling process used to make French milled soap creates a smooth, dense bar of soap that is gentle on the skin. It is less likely to contain air pockets or impurities that can irritate or dry out the skin, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive or delicate skin.

French Milled Soap is Moisturizing

European Spa Source's French milled soaps are made with natural ingredients like shea butter, which can provide moisturizing benefits to the skin. This helps to keep skin soft, supple, and hydrated, especially during the dry winter months.

French Milled Soap is Long Lasting

Because of its dense and smooth texture, French milled soap lasts longer than traditional soap. This means that European Spa Source's French milled soaps will last - so you can enjoy your spa-like experience for quite awhile!

European Spa Source's French Milled Soaps Contain Natural Fragrance

Unlike other soaps that are made with artificial fragrances, our French milled soap contains natural fragrances from essential oils. This can provide a pleasant scent without the potential irritation that can come from synthetic fragrances both to the nose and the skin.

French Milled Soap is Environmentally Friendly

French milled soap is often packaged in less materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, because it lasts longer than traditional soap, there is less waste created over time.

In conclusion if you're looking for a gentle, nourishing soap that can help keep your skin healthy and moisturized, French milled soap is a great choice. With its long-lasting formula and natural ingredients, it's no wonder that European Spa Source's French milled soap is favorite and French milled soap in particular is loved among skincare enthusiasts around the world. Try it out for yourself and see the difference it can make for your skin!

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