Our Step By Step Guide To A Spa Day At Home

at home spa dayEvery now and then, we can all use a little "me time". For those of us who love self care, a spa day at home is the perfect way to treat yourself without breaking the bank. Here is a step-by-step guide to the perfect spa day at home.


How Can I Do My Own Spa Day At Home?

We've compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you pull off a relaxing spa day at home, whether you’re a seasoned spa-veteran or have never had the chance to visit a spa yourself. Invite some friends or a significant other to join you, or treat yourself to some alone time. However you decide to do your spa day is perfect for you!

What Items Do You Need For A Spa Day At Home?

You don't need a ton of fancy products to have a relaxing day at home. In fact, you can use items from your kitchen pantry to make your own hair and face masks and exfoliating scrubs! That being said, there are a few essential items we recommend having on hand for your special day:

  • A bathrobe and slippers 
  • A candle or diffuser
  • Your favorite drink and snacks
  • Your favorite skincare products


At Home Spa Day At Home In 7 Steps

1. Preparation Is Key 

how to have a spa day at home

While it might sound funny to plan for a day of relaxing, having an idea of what treatments you'd like to do and when can help your you-time go smoothly. When you visit a luxury spa, everything is designed to minimize interruptions for continuous relaxation, so taking the time to ensure you have what you need beforehand will let you make this time all about you!

Gather (or make!) any treatments you may want to take advantage of during this time - face masks, eye masks, body scrubs, lips scrubs, hair masks, and moisturizers are always a good idea. You can DIY a variety of sugar scrubs from common kitchen ingredients like brown sugar, sea salt, olive oil or coconut oil if you don't want to spend money on products!

Don't forget about sips and snacks - now is the time to treat yourself! Grab a bottle of bubbly or a mug of green tea and your favorite snacks. Lay them out around your bedroom and bathroom so you can graze as you go about your spa day. If you'd like a more refreshing and rejuvenating day, opt for some finger sandwiches and fruit to snack on. Or, if you'd prefer something more indulgent, some sweet treats like cookies might be in order. You may even opt for a combination of sweet and savory snacks - this is your day!

diy spa day at home

2. Set The Mood

If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting a real spa, you'll remember that every touchpoint of the experience was designed to promote relaxation. From the aromatic scent to the gentle music playing in the background to the dim lighting, spas create a tranquil atmosphere that you can recreate at home. Light a candle, put your favorite essential oils in your diffuser, turn on some relaxing music, and turn that phone on Do Not Disturb.

3. Prep Your Skin

We recommend preparing your skin for a bath or shower by using a dry brush. Dry brushing has a number of benefits, including improving blood flow and sloughing off dead skin cells. Simply brush over your dry skin in circular motions before hopping in the bath or tub, and you will be amazed at how soft your skin will feel after! 

Another great way to prepare for a day of skincare is a good facial steam. You can use a facial steamer or simply fill your sink with hot water and lean over it with a towel over your head. The steam will open your pores so that when you apply your favorite products, they'll soak right in and leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.

4. Make The Most Of Your Time

Whether you have 20 minutes or the whole day for your at-home spa experience, try to be strategic and multitask where you can. If you're a bath lover, apply hair and face masks before getting in the tub. If you prefer showers, use an exfoliating scrub to scrub away dead skin before stepping under the spray. Post-shower, do your masks while enjoying a book or just sitting and relaxing for a bit! The more treatments you can squeeze into your time, the more pampered you'll feel!

woman relaxing in tub

5. Relax In The Tub Or The Shower 

Treat yourself to an extra special bath or shower - if you're taking a bath, use some Epsom salts to soothe sore muscles. If you plan on taking a shower as part of your spa day, a shower spray can transform your shower into a luxurious steam room. Be sure to choose a scent that will enhance your experience - if you'd like to relax and wind down, lavender might be a good choice for you. Or, if you're hoping to feel more energized, opt for a more citrusy scent like orange or lemongrass.

lavender sleep spray

6. Moisturize & Hydrate

It's important to stay hydrated during and after your spa day, so be sure to drink plenty of water. Try infusing some mint or fresh fruit to your water for an extra spa-like experience.

Once you're all done with your treatments, be sure to moisturize so you can extend the benefits of your spa day and keep your skin glowing. Don't skimp on the hand cream! Be sure to spend a little extra time on your hands and feet - these are the parts of our body that work the hardest for us, but get the least love! Giving yourself a foot massage has been shown to improve circulation, ease tension, and reduce stress.

7. Ride The Relaxation Wave 

If you're doing a spa night at home, be sure to slip right into some comfy PJ's and prepare yourself for a relaxing night's sleep (may we suggest this lavender pillow spray to help you enjoy a deeper, more restorative night's sleep?). If you're doing a spa day and have a few things to get done before bedtime, try to maintain the spa-like atmosphere at home. Change into some comfy loungewear, turn on some relaxing music, and light some candles to keep that spa vibe alive!

Are You Ready For A DIY Spa Day At Home?

The beautiful thing about a spa day at home is that you have already set time aside for self-care, and that is half the battle! Use the tips we've provided for you and customize them to fit your needs and create your perfect day.

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